Saturday, March 15, 2008

Solera Sharks winners !

Well, we are all winners in life aren't we ?

When it got down to 4, it looked like Mary was going to make a charge for it, but then she went card dead and busted on the bubble :-(

Then it looked like Kevin and Willie were going to wait out Marc and go heads up, but Marc would have none of that. He battled from a very short stack to get enough chips to be a threat. Then Willie was out on the ropes in third. With a 60,000 chip deficit, Marc said, "Let's CHOP !", the deal was finalized and Kevin took 1st with Marc taking 2nd.

1st - Kevin H
2nd - Marc D
3rd - Willie W

Thanks to all for coming out and hope you enjoyed the burgers and kibitzing with friends. I know I did, and it was great weather for it ! See you all next month !


MarcD said...

Thanks for hosting, Scott. Good times. Good times.