Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dell TechCenter is twitting ...

In order to be as cool as you, we're now using Twitter at work. So if you want to know where we're headed for lunch, or what's going on in the lab, or what we're seeing at some of the geek conferences, come follow us !

DellTechCenter Twitter


In8Austingirl said...

hey! This is Gin, another poker blogger...i couldn't find a way to email you. Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher are going to be here in Austin on Friday. Go to my website: www.in8pokerevents.com for the info!

hope you can make it!

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Awesome ! ... thanks for the heads up.

Lee said...

Seriously … I just. Don't. Get. Twitter. Some of my blogger friends use it, and as near as I can tell, all they're doing is making me aware of when they're heading to the bathroom, picking their nose, walking the dog. Is there something I'm missing here? I'm only 39, it can't just be that I'm an old fogey, can it?

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Lee, I didn't get it at first either. Wasn't sure why I would want to follow somebody or be followed. But I think there are interesting things that are happening from the technology.

For instance, right now there is a "twebinar" about to start. Everybody watches the same broadcast and then tweets about it using a tag -- #tweb2 or @twebinar that you can search for in twitter. That means everyone is chatting about the broadcast in realtime, at the same time.

Imagine it like this ... in the old days (I'm 38 so not making fun of you :-) .. you would go to a conference or presentation in a big auditorium. You'd see something they were doing on the stage and you'd feel that need to lean over and whisper to your buddy , "you see that !! .. wow what an idiot".

Now with the Twitter and twebinar concept you can listen to ALL those whispers that are happening in the room at the same time ... AND respond back. How cool is that.

But yeah, I didn't get it at first either, who cares what I'm eating. The cooler thing is to have location aware devices (iphone) and tie that together ... ie, I'm downtown and bored ... who else is downtown and bored ?

Baker said...

Hey, It was great to see you at the reunion last weekend. I gave you my card so shoot me an email and I will share the pictures I took on Shutterfly with you!

Take Care!