Friday, July 18, 2008

OMG 1 day to the 20 year High School Reunion !

Quick, somebody tell me how to lose 30 pounds in one day ! .... and ohh yeah I INVENTED POST ITS ! ..... who know's where I can rent a helicopter ?!?! ... so much to do, so little time !

Why do we go ? ... what is it that drives us to gather with people we haven't seen for a decade or more ?

Maybe because it's like a time machine. You have a vision of these people from 20 years ago still clear in your head and then WHAM, here they are 20 years older in an instant. Like a magic portal.

Who do I want to see ? ...

- Robert Kohler -- didn't he have something to do with Internet America. And we worked together at Mama's Pizza, so want to see that crew.

- Roy Pivonka -- Mama's pizza crew and good friend from computer hacking days

- John Leeming -- already saw him last year, and he freaked my sig. other out :-) .. good job leemer.

- Kim (damnit what's her last name) -- from Mama's pizza ... Goose, but married so different name.

- Clint Cole -- from journalism days, and a real guy down to earth - and his wife Tiffany

- Stephanie Nitzsche -- journalism, was always very cool - happy go lucky

- Amy Randall -- Was artsie and hip before it was in style - great smile

- Keith Pippin -- always liked that guy

... and a bunch of others that I can't think of but hopefully when I see them I'll gush with joy ! .... but of course these are all glory days memories and maybe they are all complete A-holes :-) .. then I'll just get uber-drunk and they'll all look nice again.