Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dell Mini 9 on order

Just ordered my Dell Mini, finally succumbed to the marketing that was in my face everyday. And the fact that we were offering $40 off + 9% off + my 17% employee discount. List price was $514 for the white one with 16GB drive, 1GB RAM, and the 1.3 MP webcam built in. With all the discounts, I got it for $358.01.

Could have got it $40 cheaper with the Linux version, but I picked XP because you can guess what my main app for the machine will be :-) .... Full Tilt poker client ! How great will it be to hack a 3G wireless card and then be able to play online poker pretty much anywhere/anytime.

Just have to keep the wife from stealing it for Craigslist surfing in the bed !