Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I will use the Force !

Saw Episode III on Monday. I liked it, didn't suck. I liked the ending where they tied everything together.

Poker trip is very near, I'm very psyched and ready to go. I've decided to use the Force in my game. I mean, how can I go wrong ? The Force will allow me to see into the souls of my foes. I can use mind tricks to make them fold. What can go wrong ? Hmmmmm ... will the need to accumulate mountains of chips lead me to the dark side ?

I really don't want to lose all my limbs. That seems to be a requirement if you follow the path of the Dark side of the Force. But wait, Luke lost his arm and he didn't turn to the dark side. Maybe I will sever a finger before I leave. A pre-emptive strike so the Dark side will not engulf me.

Anyways, I will use the Force in my game. Watch out !