Friday, May 20, 2005

Jeff's Tournament

Played $40 tourney at Jeff's last night. Started good out of the gates, but then couldn't put anything together. Tried to appear loose at the beginning and played for a small pot with crap cards so I could show them down. So I was getting the action I needed, but just got too much on one hand.

I had JJ under the gun, and I raised to 900 with 150-300 blinds. Got 4 callers ! ... Damn, flop was Kxx, two hearts. I was 2nd to act and I checked it. Action had been tight post-flop so my thought was, "if it checks around, I am good. If someone had a K, they would bet for fear of the flush draw." That was my 2nd mistake. I should have done a continuation bet. It did check around, and I knew my jacks were good. Problem was the turn was an Ace. "Damn !" That hand took a pretty good piece of my stack. Jason bet out and everybody folded.

OHHHH, Jason built a kick ass table ! I wish I would have brought my camera to the game. It has the padded rails, an inside track made of wood that has a thick coat of laquer, and dice all around the inside edge that are lit up ! The dice around the edge make the table, along with the fringy dingle balls around the outside edge. I'll get a picture of it. Very nice piece of work. He wouldn't sell it to me :-(

So a loss is good for me. Brings me back down to remind me that poker will be a life of continual ups and downs. Just have fun and keep a positive attitude and positive bankroll.