Friday, May 06, 2005

Monthly Game Results.

Had our monthly tournament last night. Turnout has been lighter than last year. Kelley suggested that it might be the increased buyin to $60. I think she might be right. I've polled the players, I will eagerly await their responses.

Game was good. Didn't have much early or late in the tourney and had to go all in quite a few times. Picked the right spots and stayed above water. Got to 3 handed and I only had 2800 left in chips. Greg and Terry had about 24,000 between them. Got some lucky hands and turned in into about 16,000 chips. It was a very conservative table at the end. Not a lot of preflop raising, and I couldn't do it because of the short stack. I was just hoping to triple up every time.

Pivotal hand was when Greg limped in with AJ suited and let me limp with 3-4 off. Flop was 3-3-x, none of Greg's suit. Blinds were 800-1600 so there was 3200 in the pot. Greg goes all in for 16,000. Of course I call and knock him out. Talked to him shortly after (game only lasted 2 hands after heads up (I won :-))) <--- some of my CSCI degree in use, close all those open quotes ! ----- I talked to him about over betting the pot and how the only hand that will call that is one that most likely has him beat. He could have gotten better information with a pot size, or 1/2 pot bet, and left himself with an exit strategy. I'm sure he'll remember that hand and keep the lesson. Greg has gotten a TON better and he soaks up information like a sponge. So the next time he comes across the same thing, I'll have a harder time reading him.

1st Scott (me !)
2nd Terry (Great player, I don't think he's missed a game yet. Great down to earth guy)
3rd Greg
4th Adam L (Unabomber !) -- Here's his picture with Phil Laak superimposed, you be the judge. I plan on framing it for the wall !

Tonight has really helped boost my confidence level. I feel more prepared for Vegas. Or maybe not ...... David G played 3 heads up games with me before the tourney and won EVERY time ! But then he got knocked out 2nd, so I think I sucked all the luck out of him (we had some good euphamisms with that one !)


mookie99 said...

Congrats on the big win. I wasn't as fortunate in my tournament last night. I just posted my report.