Monday, May 09, 2005

Thread on RGP

I started this thread on, so I could get some ideas of what to expect in Vegas. It will also allow me to start planning for the trip and put together a rough agenda.

My thread on 10-20 NLHE at Bellagio

I appreciate all the responses so far. Very helpful group of folks. I wasn't aware of the 5-10 NLHE at the Palms. I wanted to play over there last time, but never made it across the highway.

Looks like my $5000 roll is too small for the $10-20. So I'm thinking my agenda might flow a little like this :

Friday - Play some 1-2 NLHE to warm up. Then find a juicy 2-5 game to build a mountain of chips. There is no better feeling that to have a mountain of chips at the table. Love the feeling. Play all night, get some sleep in the morning.

Saturday - Play 2-5 all day and try to find a good tournament (any suggestions ?) Head out to the Palms, try some of the 5-10 NLHE action.

Sunday - Check on the status of the bankroll. If bankroll > $5000 go to Bellagio and checkout 10-20 NLHE game. If game looks good and I can buy in with an average or larger stack at the table, then sit down.

Monday - Lick my wounds from the night before :-) ...... might be time for a huge breakfast buffet. If Sunday night was profitable, then play smaller games to pass time until flight out that night. If Sunday was not profitable, then play smaller games to pass time until flight :-)

Any suggestions for decent tournaments to play ?


mookie99 said...

As far as tournaments go, what buyin range are you looking at ?

When we were in Vegas a few months back, we played alot of tourneys downtown at the Plaza (not sure if you wanna head downtown or not)

$50/$50/$10 - They run anywhere from 20-60 people. Great blind structure.

If you want cheap, Sahara has a nightly tournament at 7PM - $40/$20 - Run anywhere from 110-170 players and only pays final table.

If you want to play higher, supposedly the Bellagio is now running daily tournaments ($500 freezeout)

PrettyPokerBoy said...

The Plaza sounds good. I wanted to play there last time, but never made it. I definetly want a good blind structure. I played the Luxor ONCE, never again. Blinds made it a crap shoot.

I'll look into the Bellagio. $500 would be my limit. If the structure is bearable, I'll play that.

Thanks for the pointers.