Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rant on Local Morning Show

This morning on the radio show that I listen to on the drive to work (jbandsandy.com), they announce, "Hey if you have a goal that you are close to accomplishing. Call in to the show. We want to hear about it." Here's my post to their message board

Now I know my life goal of playing professional poker is not as commendable as say, curing cancer or running the Boston Marathon. But I feel it does have some weight. So I get up the nerve to call in. I haven't called a morning show since I was stalking ... errr I mean wanted to date Kellie from the Kidd Kradick show back when I lived in Dallas.

Autumn Bouakadakis was screening the calls and it went something like this;

AB - "Good morning, Mix 94.7. What's your goal ?"
Me - "I'm going to be a professional poker player."

AB - "Really ? .. How are you going to do that ?"
Me - "Well I'm setting a smaller goal of making $10,000 first over Memorial Weekend."

AB - "Well how do you plan on making that money ?"
Me - "Well I'm going to bring $5000 to Vegas and play poker. I'm going to double it so I can get a fresh banded stack of $100 bills all in sequential order"

AB - "Hmmm .... That's nice, be we are looking for bigger goals for this bit"
Me - "Ahh ok, have a good day."

So I think, "ok, I know I'm not trying to lose weight, or bring peace to the world... so let's see what calls they do let through."

First call, someone was building their own house. Wow, people actually build their own house. I can see how that is challenging, yet rewarding. Wonder what they next one is ?, they must be doing a buildup.

Second call, someone is buying a house. Wow, people actually buy houses. I've bought a house, not the easiest thing in the world. A commendable goal. How many houses are there in Austin ?

Next call, someone wants to move to New York. Wow, people move ? Maybe she is going to fulfill her lifelong dream of being on Broadway or she is taking a risk and diving into a new career. Not exactly, she's a teacher and is going to move closer to her family. Teachers are awesome, taught me everything I know, especially the penguins I had in Catholic school. But again, not the huge goals that Autumn had promised me.

Next call, I can't remember exactly what this one was, but I remember that she was divorced for 6 years and getting $1000 month for child support and a huge Military pension from her husband. I think it was something about another house, because she said, "With all that money that is rent (or something else)". She came off like she enjoyed taking all the money and spending it on herself. Isn't it for the child. Anyway, this call kinda got under my skin because of the women that I've seen take advantage of men.... but that's another story, and I should probably be telling it to my therapist.

So of all the calls, I think mine had more merit than those. But of course I put more weight on it because it is mine. So when I become a professional poker player I will defintely call them back and say, "Hey guys ! I bought a house ! "


Anonymous said...

UMM... I've bought two houses and built my current one. Oh and I also play poker, am only average, but going to vegas over memorial day weekend with ONLY $500. My goal is to turn it into $1500. Not pissing away my $500 and tripling it will be harder than any of my house endeavors(all of those were minimal risk and money making tasks!)

Anonymous said...

Oh wait.. maybe your goal should be to: Sell your house(ding 1), build an new house(ding 2), and take the extra cash to vegas to play poker(ding 3)!! Three goals in 1 and two are 'highly respected' goals according to that POS radio show you listen too down there in liberal land!!!

***"You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for independence."***

***"We will preach the truth to a new generation:
The doorway to all freedoms is framed with muskets.
It's time the apologists step aside and let freedom's followers lead the way."***

Anonymous said...

So they didn't like your goal...you big baby! I can suggest a few better goals that could have gotten you some air time! Like, how about winning the neighborhood "I've got the most HOA letters you loser" award, or build a swimming pool that your neighbors can access anytime, or start a grass roots effort to put a stop light at Neenah and Solera?

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