Thursday, June 16, 2005

Vegas, Assistants, and thinking about online poker

The girlfriend is headed to Vegas this morning. She's staying at the Wynn and I'm totally jealous. She just took this new job and her first gig is Vegas, and I CAN'T GO ! .... ohhh to have some vacation and a free room at the Wynn. I could count that cost as +EV ! I thought about giving her a $100 to play on the $1/2 NL tables, but I know she would keep it and spend on martinis.

I asked her last week if she had made her plans for the trip. She said, "Oh, my assistant has all the information for me." Assistant ?!?!? Holy crap, now I have to get through an assistant to get access to my woman.

- "Hello, this is Scott. Is Elizabeth available ?"
- "Elizabeth, it's a Mr. Scott on line 1 .... (mumble mumble in the background)"
- "I'm sorry Mr. Scott, she's in meetings all morning."

- ring ring ... "Hello, Ms. Elizabeth's office, can I help you ?"
- "Yes, this is Scott, I'd like to arrange a meeting for intercourse tonight."

Work at the Quiznos is getting easier. Although if I were to take the amount of money I've invested divided by the hours worked, it is big time -EV.

I'm about ready to put some money back into my online account. Jeff has been playing and doing well at the smaller no-limit tables. I think I'll take his approach and play the smaller tables and try to plug my leaks. He turned me on to this great tool for tracking yourself and other players. It gives you more stats than a baseball game !

I'll let you all know when I make the deposit and my progress. Good or bad it will be out here for discussion. None of this, "I'm about even" crap. It's like golf. You are only cheating yourself if you're not honest about your game and how your are REALLY doing.


pennell said...

What was the tracking tool he turned you on to?

PrettyPokerBoy said...

Poker Tracker, I updated the blog with the link. I'll never play again without it. Awesome for keeping track of other players, and you can setup rules that will rate the players after you've played a few hands with them. Let's you know EVERYTHING about their play and yours. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Don't go out there without this tool in your arsenal !